Jasper's Place has been inspired by a character in a children's book (not yet published). Jasper is self-described as being different. It is because of his difference that he prays and wishes to be invisible. His prayer is answered and his wish comes true. It is only after his transition that he realizes his worth. He now exists in a world where he can see and hear but cannot be seen or heard. Looking in from the outside he starts to hear and see how important he was to all his friends and family. He then realizes that these people were telling him all along how important he was but becuase of his own insecurities about being different, he did not listen.

Jasper's Place shows children how important they are. Through play activities many lessons can be learned. When a child is challenged to do something new through activity and play, it is not viewed as a task. The child succeeds and his or her self-esteem is improved.

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